2020 Changed The Course Of My Life

“Adieu 2020” You’ll Be Missed 

2020 was one of a kind year to each soul on the planet! A Year That I’ll Never Forget!

Some resisted the change, some stayed into stagnation where others accepted it, took actions, and thrived.

Coming from the MEA and specifically from Lebanon, 2020 was a hell of a year to us: Revolution, Inflation, Economic Crisis, Banking System Collapse, Political Tension, Covid-19, Unemployment…

On a personal level, it brought to my life radical changes, put me into a freeze mode, into denial, fears & insecurities… Yet, it fueled my determination to start all over again and thrive no matter what.

A Step Back

My 4 years secret project…

September 22, 2019 “Le Jour J” finally came!

On this date, I released my ever awaited second single and musical video “Gayya Gayya

This project took 4 years of perseverance and determination to bring to life. Worked on every detail from the music production to the video clip, to the campaign, and to the marketing…

Straight after the release, the revolution started in Lebanon and that brought the whole country into a phase of uncertainty. The revolution was crucial for making a real change in the country yet on the personal level it brought me into freeze mode, into shock, into sadness, and denial for almost a month, because everything I was working for collapsed in seconds…

One night, my anxiety attacks! I started blaming myself and felt as if I were standing in the middle of nowhere…

Until one question crossed my mind: What if I accept what happened as part of my life?” At that moment, this only thought brought me inner peace and relief!

Then I asked myself:  How can I get the best out of what I have today?

"Gayya Gayya Music Video"
This shot was taken from the “Gayya Gayya” music video by Mira Moufarrej

It All Started With One Decision

“I don’t want to be limited geographically anymore”

After a month of freeze mode and after getting back my lucidity, I decided to put my focus on what’s within my control and with that moving my business in personal development, coaching & mentoring to online mode.

At that time, Lebanese people were trapped in fears and worries: “What’s coming next? What about our money and savings? What about our dreams, careers, jobs..?” So when everyone was acting out of insecurity, I acted out of courage and faith. I made my own self revolution & took bold actions:

Change Needs Courage

And courage means believing that you can start all over again

January 2020 was the month of self-investment and evolution. That’s when I decided to invest in my skills and step into the online world.  A world that I know nothing about… 

That month I enrolled in “SOMBA”, a program that brought a lot of self-growth, knowledge, challenges, changes, transformations, achievements, creation, and self-discovery.

I faced all my fears and got out of my comfort zone, the fear of investing what was left of my savings in this program and getting into the uncomfortable state of learning something totally new and re-establishing my business from zero!

It was so scary, so uncomfortable and that was only the beginning.


A photo from my birthday’s photoshoot on the 9th of March 2020- By Pedro Hasrouny


My Worst Nightmare…

Started in 2017, a nightmare that affected my voice and confidence as a singer

That year I produced my first music video “La Albak”, this huge step was a totally new experience for me, in which I had zero knowledge of where to start from and how to excel in that project…


"La Albak Music Video"
This shot was taken from the “La Albak” music video by Mira Moufarrej


I was on my own, managing everything related to the musical project, from creation to production, marketing, interviews, PR… I’ve become super anxious and all of this shook my self-confidence, created self-doubt about my worth, my capabilities…

Who am I to do this huge step? Can’t you see that others are better than you?”

Yes, my lizard brain attacked my sanity, I was so afraid, lost, and disappointed and that’s when that MTD monster (muscle tension dysphonia) came to rule and control my world.

I suffered from MTD for almost 3 years, neither Drs. nor specialists could help me as no one understood my case but I didn’t give up and kept on researching until I found the right help: The release your voice community by Elissa Weinzimmer.

I joined this course with a scholarship and started learning more and more about how my voice & body are connected and how trauma froze my vocal muscles and created this tension…

Becoming Proactive & Fast Action Taker

COVID-19 came and I was so blessed…

I was blessed that I could make my turnaround and be proactive in my business and life way before “The Historical Global Shut Down”.

Since Jan 2020 I didn’t stop a second, taking different courses symbiotically. It was the phase of learning, expanding, executing, investing, building, launching, and creating: materials, SM content, my first online course… So it was the A to Z journey of founding a new business.

I can’t tell you how hard that was, yet, being totally determined to “Make It Happen” was my drive. All the circumstances in Lebanon were leading me to take this step. I had zero singing opportunities which is my main career and on the other hand, building my online business was something I wanted since 2018 … So voilà, in 9 months, I created 2 online courses & found the “Make It Happen” method!


Testimonial from one of the participants of “Make It Happen” 4 weeks’ online course by Mra

“I’ve never imagined myself  being digital-friendly or I would expose myself out there, it used to feel so complicated, so uncomfortable for me”


My first official landing page for the 4 weeks online course “Thrive Again” by Mira Moufarrej

Make It Happen Course

Thrive Again Course


My first Guide

That’s how I created my first free material

Between August and September, I decided to work on my online presence and link all my platforms my YouTube channel, my Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn 

I also created my first #Freeguide: The 10 Pillars Model To Create A Fulfilling Successful Life


“The 10 Pillars Model To Build A Fulfilling Successful Life” #freeguide by Mira Moufarrej


Where I help my clients and community build a map to create a fulfilling success. A success that fulfills the inner truth and creates aliveness, rewardingness, self-realization, growth, happiness…

Simply, becoming aligned & self-fulfilled.

My Bucket Of Expertise & Services Is Limitlessly Growing

How I added a new certification

On the 26th of July, I received an invitation from a dear friend of mine to join an online course and become a certified “Theta Healing Practitioner”

As someone who has experienced different types of healing techniques, “Theta Healing” was among the best healing techniques that helped me get over my limiting beliefs and reprogram my mind.

After long training hours, I was super happy to add 1 more technique to my bucket of expertise and become a “Theta Healing Practitioner”


A  sneak pic from Mira’s library during the “Theta Healing” online course


Shock. Pain. Trauma & A New Gift

The Beirut blast!

This explosion shook my world, at that time I was delivering my second online course “Thrive Again

Due to this blast, the whole country entered into a state of shock, pain, trauma, and denial.

As a committed person, I didn’t give up on my course so I decided to continue giving the participants what I promised to give, no matter how big the turmoil of emotions, sadness, and withdrawal I was living.

During this time I discovered my new talent and gift: “Writing”

I wrote the text for the “Kill Lhob Elak” Video that I shot to express my point of view of what my country was going through…

This shot was taken from the “Kil Elhob Ilak” video, a tribute to our beloved Lebanon by Mira Moufarrej- shot by Nadine Abdo


New Habits + New Skills + Getting Over Old Fears!

How I changed old habits…

I always wanted to stop instant coffee and find a healthier substitute. A friend of mine gave me the right advice about moving to Italian kettle coffee, a great mate for my homemade almond milk. 

With the revolution and all that came after, some products were missing from the market, so I decided to look for options and what I can create myself.

So I became an expert in creating homemade almond milk

My hair curls are finally back!

The good thing about the lockdown is staying at home and going back to the simple lifestyle.

This year I decided to stop all hair products, as my hair was super dry and lost its shine.


My natural curls are back! Using almond oil

I started using coconut oil for my hair and the results were magical, my hair curls are back and since then I haven’t been using any products on my hair.

My fears about approaching a dog or an animal!

Ah YES! That’s a big one for me.

This year I got over a huge fear of mine, approaching animals…

I also started feeling differently towards animals, I started connecting to them. I still need to work on this side but the result is amazing!

Meet our Cubbie!
Blood Donation

First-ever experience with blood donation.

A secret: Needles scare me!

Despite the fear of needles, I donated blood!

With the worldwide lockdown and the pressure of life in Lebanon in this historical year 2020, I decided to do a small escape and travel into my own country. That was my birthday gift for my dearest sister and assistant “Rachelle”

A staycation weekend in Batroun Lebanon with the birthday girl, my sister, best supporter, and assistant Rachelle!
Investing in my tools

Online business, vlogging, live videos… need tools and equipment.

So to deliver the best in the most affordable way I invested in the needed tools…

A shot was taken after a live Q&A with the participants of my second online course “Thrive Again”

The Ending Of A Cycle

On the verge of a breakthrough…

Between November and December, I entered a strong emotional roller coaster… I started questioning myself: Why am I doing what I am doing? What about my musical career? What if I made the wrong decision? Why has my life turned into nonstop long working hours?

The reality and truth of my limiting beliefs emerged: Am I proving that I am worthy by working hard? Am I keeping myself busy just to feel productive, alive, and valuable? Am I sabotaging my own success?

Yes, all these conditioning thoughts controlled my life. I had never been aware of it until the last 2 months of the 2020 year. All my life I worked harder and harder not seeing the desired results coming to fruition. Digging deeper into this, all that I wanted is to feel rewarded, appreciated, and valuable.

Becoming aware of it, was like throwing a ball into my face… After processing my emotions I accepted it and decided to end a cycle that made me suffer silently all my life & also made me pay a high price.

How did it start? Well, it all goes back to when I was a child and to when pursuing my dream of becoming a mega singer, made me face a lot of rejections, judgment, labeling that singers are vain, sex objects… 

To empower other artists and enthusiastic souls, I created my free eBook on How To Turn Challenges And Setbacks Into Courage, And Power? The 11 Rules- 11 Takeaways”

This eBook is inspired by my own journey and real-life events. I shared about how I kept going and how I fed my perseverance and determination were all that I was getting was disappointments and setbacks…

2020 my year of Creation, Expansion, Transformation, Learning, and “First Times”

I am proud of: 
  1. Make It Happen: 4 weeks online course with 38 members
  2. Thrive Again: 4 weeks online course with 21 members
  1. The 10 pillars model to create a fulfilling successful life
  2. How To Turn Challenges And Setbacks Into Courage, And Power? The 11 Rules – 11 Takeaways
  1. Dream Up
  2. How to overcome the fear of Failure

    This photo was taken after the “How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure” Workshop by Mira Moufarrej
  1. My Best Consistent Self (From Make It Happen Course)
  2. Let’s get together (From Thrive Again Course)

    A celebration call photo from “Thrive Again” online course by Mira Moufarrej

What Came Out Of This Journey – A Sum Up

One of my quotes

What I Learned This 2020 

This picture was taken by Pamela Khadra

My 2021 Forecast 

The 1 thing 1
  1. Launch my 10 weeks online course “Make It Happen”
  2. Launch my group coaching experience
  3. Run monthly masterclasses and workshops
  4. Write a monthly blog
  5. Increase my sales and hit a 6 figure
  6. Have more visibility and online presence
  7. Start “Mira’s Tv” – YouTube broadcasting (live + weekly one main video)
  8. Write my first song
  9. Do voice trainings
  10. Start first gig with my band
  11. Be more conscious and present (Health. Work. Relationship)
  12. Build new habits that support my growth: Sleeping/waking up mode, eating healthier food…
  13. Do more inner/strength/mobility exercises and training → target calisthenics
  14. Challenge my stamina and start a running journey
  15. Read one book every month
  16. Start my e-store + launch my first product online: Journaling Notebook
  17. Consider moving abroad
  18. Connect/reach out & collaborate with others
  19. Move more
  20. Prioritize self-care
  21. Indulge in love & partnership
  22. Travel to Iceland & attend “Selfmade Summit”
  23. Travel to Switzerland & attend “Sigrun Live”
  24. Celebrate often

    One of my best shots…

My Motto for 2021


My Mission & My Why

I always had the virtue of helping and supporting others.

Today, my aim to achieve becoming known as a significant role model artist, who sings, inspires, helps, and empowers others to believe in themselves, build their confidence and show up for their dreams, as no matter how difficult life is, they can Make It Happen! 

How Can I Help You?

I combined all my expertise and experiences from singing, being in the spotlight, acting, mentoring, coaching and created the “Make It Happen” method where

“I help passionate entrepreneurs turn their fears into bold actions, build up a confident voice & become assertive so they can create visibility and thrive in their dream career and life” 

My Wishes To You + One Tip

Human potentials are limitless and to create the life you desire & aspire it’s all about taking the command of your life, finding your drive, your meaning, your why and keep on refining…”

How To Step Out Of Overthinking, Doubts & Fears?


“Everything you need to make thing happen in your life is within you only you” By Mira Moufarrej
My secret sauce is:

“Get into action & creation, be productive & proactive… Keep on moving forward that’s how you step into growth and expansion”

Have a year of blessings & becoming!





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