A multi-passionate and multi-skilled creative, Myriam Moufarrej (aka Mira) holds a Master’s Degree in ‘Music Pedagogy’, an ‘Essential Life Coach’ certification from ICF, and a ‘Theta Healing Practitioner’ certificate from the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.


Lebanese-born, Mira has spent more than half her life traveling around the MENA region and Europe, in pursuit of her passion for music, and has accumulated 14 years of performing experience and 2 released singles under her belt.


Having turned her passion into a career wasn’t without its ups and downs, which is why Mira felt drawn towards building a sustainable business in parallel to her singing career and enrolled to become an ‘Essential Life Coach’. Since obtaining her ICF certification, Mira has built a continuously expanding successful online coaching business and created several staple online courses and programs, establishing herself as an authority of Business Mindset Coach & Visibility Mentor for Service-Based Female Solopreneurs. 


A Performing Artist, Creative Entrepreneur, Business Foundations Facilitator, Mira believes in the limitless potential within each and every one of us that is just itching to find a way to make things happen and thrive in doing so.

PerformIng & singing

A multi-passionate creative, Mira pursued her passion for music by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Music Pedagogy from Antonine University in Lebanon.

Mira has created a successful singing career for herself, having released several singles along with their respective music videos, her first being “La Albak” in 2017 and her second being “Gayya Gayya” in 2019.


She was involved throughout the entire creation and development process for these 2 singles, from start to finish: lyrics, musical arrangement, performance, music video, marketing campaign, all of which took years of perseverance, consistency, and determination to bring to life.


In 2016, Mira founded Tourne Disque on her YouTube channel, where she performs mashup covers of world music in different languages.


In 2014, Mira attended workshops for acting and self-development with L’atelier Du Je in Lebanon, a community theater that focuses on self discovery and development through theatre in acting method.

Aside from appearing in the music videos for her released singles, Mira has appeared in several different productions as an actor as well as she took a TV presenting course at Bright I with Mr. Antoine Kassabian (aka Darius):

Life coaching & Entrepreneurship

In pursuit of building a sustainable and reliable business in parallel to her singing career, Mira became an ICF Certified Essential Life Coach in 2016, launched her online business in 2019 and has since built a fulfilling and successful online coaching career with clients in the USA, Brazil, Europe, Jordan, Lebanon, Gulf, and Turkey.

In October 2019, the Lebanese revolution doused the entire country into a state of uncertainty and unrest. Not long afterward, the pandemic struck and everything was put on hold, as a result of which, her singing career took a big hit with all performances canceled for the foreseeable future. For Mira, this was an opportunity to allocate her time, energy, and skill set towards growing her online coaching business. In doing so, she created the ‘Make It Happen Method’, several online courses including ‘Rewire Your Brain For Success’ (2020), ‘Thrive Again’ (2020), and ‘Make It Happen – Get confident to be visible and sell your work’ (2021), and her staple group coaching program ‘Take That Leap’ (2021). 


In 2020, Mira launched ‘Live With Mira’, a weekly series on her Instagram page (@instamiraartist), during which she goes live with different like-minded entrepreneurs and industry professionals. The purpose of this series is to have real and honest conversations, share empowering stories, and endorse lessons and tips to startup entrepreneurs who find themselves incapacitated by their fears, insecurities, and self-sabotage thought and behavior patterns. 


In addition, as a certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Mira taps into her knowledge and understanding of the subconscious mind, limiting core beliefs, and self-sabotage behavior patterns to help clients understand where they come from and why they operate in specific ways so that they can, in turn, feel empowered to transform their own lives.


A multi-passionate and multi-skilled idea generator, Mira is adamant about helping her coaching clients transform their lives by building their confidence, reshaping their mindsets, and discovering how truly limitless they are. She believes that human potential is limitless and there is always a way to make things happen, and accordingly supports people in both gaining the clarity they need to start and thrive in their dream careers and guiding them as a Business Foundations Facilitator with the logistics of starting their Solopreneur journey.


Her life motto is: “It’s Possible!”

Clients Love


Mira got featured and invited to several entertainment & talk shows, to name few:

Personal Life

Mira started working at an early age, she got exposed and met inspiring people and artists throughout her life. 


In the University, she was part of the Antonine University (UA) Choir, and had the chance to participate in numerous international festivals, to name few: Saint Pierre d’Arène church – Nice, France 2007, Théâtre de la Mairie – Divonne les Bains, France 2007, Concerto Moderna, Concerto Nonantola, DIFC Anniversary 2007, opening of the Qatar Foundation, Don Jovani Al Ain classical Music Festival, Concerto in Basilica di San Pietro – Vatican…


She enjoys seeing people successful & happy, entertaining them and helping them overcome their fears what she does best, especially creative women entrepreneurs.


Out of human responsibility, and duty she collaborated with different NGOs in different events & trainings. As well, she joined forces with other lebanese creators in several projects concerning Lebanon.


She is always thirsty for knowledge, she continuously searches to learn something new, to evolve on both personal and spiritual levels, she reads alot, and always has trainings and workshops on her calendar to attend.



On a personal note, Mira is passionate about life, loves traveling, discovering new countries and cultures, exercises regularly and loves to help others in all means. 



Her creativity is not limited only on singing & acting. Mira, customizes her own jewelry, and her friend’s gifts. Moreover, she is a good writer and a great storyteller. One of her dreams is to release her own book, as for now she wrote two short e-books “How to get over insecurities & build a career that you aspire” and “The 10 pillars model to build a fulfilling successful life”  that she shares in her coaching courses, and she is writing heartwarming captions as blogs on her Instagram.

Philosophy & Mission

Being a solo artist, put Mira under pressure, anxiety, and stress which led her to endure an emotional trauma for more than 5 years that caused her MTD (muscle tension dysphonia) which affected her voice, her confidence as a singer, and fed her self-doubt, fears, and insecurities… 


After embarking on a recovery and healing journey, researching and learning coping tools… 


Her mission today is not only to create uplifting music that bring aliveness during her performances, value & joy to people’s lives, but as well to “Help service-based female solopreneurs and artists build their confidence, reshape their mindsets, and connect with the needed resources so they can create a fulfilling and thriving career tapping into their limitless potential, honoring their uniqueness, and projecting their authentic voice courageously”


Myriam Moufarrej (aka Mira) is in the process of applying for a Golden Visa to UAE. As both an entrepreneur and specialized talent , Mira has amassed years of experience, giving her a unique edge in the creative business field – one that she hopes to share with likeminded individuals in the United Arab Emirates.


She has transformed her passion for singing and acting into a thriving career, having performed live in multiple languages across the Middle East. With two hit singles under her belt, Mira has experience in both live performances as well as music and video production. In pursuit of her drive to inspire people, Mira built an online coaching business with clients all across the world, as she shares her unique expertise with those who would benefit from it most.


As a certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Mira taps into her knowledge and understanding of the subconscious mind to deliver her expertise in an ‘easy to digest’ way to her clients. Whether it’s through one-on-one coaching, group coaching or online courses, Mira has created different formats to ensure that she can support her clients in any way, shape, or form they need.

A multi-passionate and multi-talent created, Mira’s mission is to empower people, facilitate their lives, and, with music as a tool, uplift their energy and make them happy. Mira believes that the UAE offers the ideal environment to both expand her career and share her expertise to contribute to the market.